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Wolfe at WindyCon

Gene Wolfe is due to attend WindyCon 35, a science fiction convention in his home town of Chicago, Illinois, which is being held from Friday 14 to Sunday 16 November 2008. The theme of the convention is “Military SF”.

Wolfe has kindly agreed to take part in a public discussion at the convention with Ultan’s Library contributor Michael Andre-Driussi of his depiction of warfare in the Urth Cycle. The discussion, entitled “Post-Historic Warfare” in the convention programme, is due to be chaired by Ultan’s Library co-editor Nigel Price and is scheduled for noon on Saturday 15 November.  Among other topics due to be raised in the discussion are Wolfe’s experiences as a soldier during the Korean War and how they subsequently affected his writing.

Ultan’s Library hopes to be able to make a recording or a transcript of the discussion available in due course.

Wolfe is also due to take part in a WindyCon panel discussion on the subject of “Child Soldiers” at 4 o’clock on the previous evening, Friday 14 November.


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  1. Christopher Hettinger

    Would someone be so kind as to film this (if possible) and put it on youtube?

  2. It’s a nice idea, Christopher, but WindyCon happened back in November last year (2008) so, sadly, it’s too late to video it now.

    I had hoped to attend the session on “Post-Historic Warfare” but I was ill and unable to go. All I have got is an audio recording of the session on “Child Soldiers”, though thiis was very disappointing and, in my opinion, of no particular interest to Wolfe readers.

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