Ultan’s Library is a web resource to support study of the work of the American science fiction and fantasy author Gene Wolfe.

Launched in 2000, it publishes critical essays and reviews of Wolfe’s writings, provides bibliographical information and links to other Gene Wolfe websites and carries occasional news about the author, his books and his stories.

The website is named after Master Ultan, the blind librarian in charge of the great library of Nessus whom Severian meets in Wolfe’s The Shadow of the Torturer.

Ultan’s Library is edited, maintained and financed by Jonathan Laidlow and Nigel Price. They created the site as an expression of their admiration for Wolfe’s writing and in the belief that his works exhibit considerable literary merit and are eminently worthy of serious study. They also enjoy them immensely and take great pleasure in discussing them with others.

None of those who have contributed pieces to Ultan’s Library have received payment for doing so. They have made their essays and reviews available entirely as a gesture of good will and the editors are most grateful for their doing so.

New essays and reviews of appropriate quality are always welcome. Those intending to submit material for consideration should in the first instance contact Jonathan Laidlow.

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