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The Book of Gold… returns to Ultan’s Library

A few years ago Ultan contributor Jeremy Crampton offered us the chance to host PDF (Acrobat) copies of his old fanzine, THE BOOK OF GOLD.

Jeremy published 2 issues of the fanzine, focussing on Wolfe’s two books about Latro, SOLDIER OF THE MIST and SOLDIER OF ARETE. There’s some really interesting commentary on Latro, which nicely supplements the articles Jeremy has written for Ultan’s Library.

We published the PDF versions of the fanzine on our old site, but ran into problems when we upgraded Ultan’s Library to WordPress. Thanks to the sterling negotiating skills of my co-conspirator, Nigel, we’ve resolved these difficulties and are now able to make both issues of THE BOOK OF GOLD available once more.

You’ll need the Adobe Acrobat reader to open the files.


Wolfe at WindyCon


“The Lupine Scholar” – an interview with Michael Andre-Driussi

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  1. Mikel Sommer

    Thank you for the PDF files. I love reading books. I have heard of the book Soldier of the Mist and am looking forward to reading it. I really appreciate this.

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