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New podcast about The Shadow of the Torturer

Dr Kate MacDonald, lecturer in English at the University of Ghent, Belgium, has been in touch to tell me that the latest edition of her Why I Really Like This Book podcast is about Gene Wolfe’s The Shadow of the Torturer.

You can download it at the links below

Grand Master Wolfe

Photograph of Gene Wolfe

Photograph of Gene Wolfe

In December 2012 the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA) named Gene Wolfe as the latest recipient of the Damon Knight Grand Master award for his “contributions to the literature of Science Fiction and Fantasy.”

Alastair Reynolds discusses the Book of the New Sun for Gollancz

Noted UK SF author Alastair Reynolds talks about Wolfe’s Book of the New Sun for Gollancz.

Part of Gollancz’ 50th anniversary celebrations from last year, but worth posting.

Ultan’s Blue Waters

We’ve just moved Ultan’s Library to a new webhost and taken the opportunity to tweak the colour on the site slightly – firstly so that it would became clear when the site move had propagated around the internet, and secondly because we hope to add a few updates to Ultan over the coming months. I particularly hope to use this blog section to highlight Wolfeana around the internet and perhaps start talking about Wolfe’s work in a more informal way than our (brilliant) featured articles.


Jonathan Laidlow

Co-Editor, Ultan’s Library

Gollancz 50th: The Book of the New Sun

British publisher Gollancz is celebrating 50 years of publishing science fiction and fantasy by republishing some of the best titles in their list, among them Gene Wolfe’s Book of the New Sun.

Gaiman on Wolfe in Guardian

Today, May 14 2011, author Neil Gaiman writes about Gene Wolfe for the “My Hero” section of the UK’s Guardian newspaper.

The Guardian previously (2009) ran a discussion of the Book of the New Sun as “Science Fiction’s Ulysses.”

Black Gate interviews Gene Wolfe

Superb interview with Gene this month at Black Gate:
blackgate.com interviews Gene Wolfe

Best of Gene Wolfe wins World Fantasy Award

The Best of Gene Wolfe has won the 2010 World Fantasy Award for Best Collection. The collection was published by Tor and PS Publishing.

More info @Locus

Gene Wolfe Recovering from Heart Surgery

According to Locus, Gene had heart surgery on 24 April. It apparently went well and he is recovering with his family. Gene is 78.

Full article at Locus online.

The Wizard Knight Companion

Ultan Contributor Michael Andre-Driussi’s latest work of Wolfe scholarship, the Wizard Knight Companion, is now available to purchase from the assorted Amazons.

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