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New ghost story from Wolfe

A new story by Gene Wolfe entitled “Why I was hanged” is included in the anthology Ghosts by Gaslight, edited by Jack Dann and Ultan’s Library contributor Nick Gevers.

Described as a collection of “stories of steampunk and supernatural suspense”, Ghosts by Gaslight is published by Harper Voyager. There are 16 other stories in addition to “Why I was hanged”, including contributions from Peter S. Beagle, Lucius Shepard and Robert Silverberg.


Gollancz 50th: The Book of the New Sun


Two new stories: “Dormanna” and “Innocent”


  1. Simon F

    You may want to note on your blog that a new story by Mr Wolfe called “Dormanna” is up on Tor for free as part of an online anthology. It’s here: http://www.tor.com/stories/2012/03/dormanna#

  2. Thank you, Simon! Good idea. I’ve read the story but we haven’t yet added a note about it in the blog. We should remedy that.

  3. Simon F

    Just don’t want others to miss Gene’s amazing short fiction.
    Also I see that The Legend of XI Cygnus by Wolfe is in the latest edition of Lightspeed magazine, though not sure if you want to put it up on the blog, as its an older story that’s been reprinted (1992). Very intriguing. http://www.lightspeedmagazine.com/fiction/the-legend-of-xi-cygnus/

  4. Thanks, again, Simon. Rather than make a fresh post on this one, what I’ll probably do is add a note to my last entry.

    Do, please, keep sending these references in!


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