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Author: Marc Aramini

Marc Aramini was born in Washington D.C. to military parents. Throughout his childhood, he lived in a variety of remote locations, from Madrid to Maine. He has spent most of his adult life in the American Southwest. He has a degree in Biochemistry from The University of Notre Dame and a Masters in English Literature from Northern Arizona University. He has taught college English and high-school Biology, worked in banking and in gyms, and even (amidst many permit and property negotiation roles) worked as a handstand and balancing act performer in a circus. His two volume study of the complete fiction of Gene Wolfe, beginning with Between Light and Shadow: An Exploration of the Fiction of Gene Wolfe, 1951-1986, is being published by Castalia House in 2015.

Aramini on A Solar Labyrinth

For some years now, Ultan contributor Marc Aramini has been engaged in an exhaustive chronological study of every piece of short fiction written by Gene Wolfe. The first half of his analysis, covering the stories from 1951-1986, has recently been published as Between Light and Shadow: An Exploration of the Fiction of Gene Wolfe 1951-1986.[ Amazon UK and USA]. Marc’s video lectures on Gene Wolfe are on youtube.

In conjunction with our publication of Wolfe’s ‘A Solar Labyrinth’ we present the entry from the collection on that very story.

Proving Veil’s Hypothesis: Variance Reduction Techniques, Larval Life Cycles on an East Wind, and Shadow Children Riding Mars(c)hmen in The Fifth Head of Cerberus

Marc Aramini

“I am exempt by reason of being a child and by reason of being an animal…” (“Marsch” on his unjust incarceration in the “V.R.T.” section of The Fifth Head of Cerberus, p.181)

In the wake of the postmodern explosion that decentralizes absolutes and puts universal meaning into question, it is at times difficult to approach Gene Wolfe’s work with the actual scientific rigor it demands.

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