Cover image for Lexicon Urthus - A Dictionary for the Urth Cycle, by Michael Andre-DriussiWolfe scholar Michael Andre-Driussi recently got in touch to let us know that he has published a list of corrections and errata for his masterful “Dictionary of the Urth Cycle”, Lexicon Urthus.  

The ebook version has been updated in the kindle store, and recent copies of the hard and softcover editions have also been updated, and are marked “Second Edition 2008: corrected 2014” on the copyright page. Michael has provided Master Ultan with the following lists of corrections. He says:

“For hardcopy books, I think an acceptable method would be to write in the corrections, thereby personalizing the volume. Use of vermilion ink would be an added bonus!”

The following collection of 42 items on three different lists: the first list was made of comments by known readers; the second are from anonymous Kindle readers via complaint (a Kindle Quality Notice on August 7, 2014); the third was found via the CreateSpace spell checking tool. Each one is in page order; that is, the numbers start over again at the beginning of each list.


Lexicon Urthus Second Edition (with page numbers from the hardcopy book)

History of Urth (p. 178) 12 P.S. “Chateline Sancha” should be “Chatelaine Sancha.”

Lune (p. 218)
line “Or Lune’s physical qualities . . .” replaced with “Or Lune’s orbit might be more artificial than natural physics; it might be a powered hovering.”

“(See flier)” replaced with “, described for fliers: ‘Their lift is supplied by the antimaterial equivalent of iron, held in a penning trap by magnetic fields. Since the anti-iron has a reversed magnetic structure, it is repelled by promagnatism’ (IV, chap. 24, 198).”

“Applying this to Lune . . .” replaced with “Applying this to Lune, we envision vast amounts of antigravity”

“Such a ‘light’ moon . . .” replaced with “substance on the satellite, allowing constant thrust along a circular track, taking 28 days per lap.”

midinette (p. 241) a blank line is missing before the entry.

planetaration (p. 286) should be “planteration.”

pyx (p. 295) is missing a period at the end “297).”

Severian (p. 318) history section: Eudoxia should be “Eudocia.”

Thais (p. 343), last line: “She became queen of Egypt, was condemned by Dante . . . and became the subject of a novel by Anatole France, as well as an opera” replaced with “She came up with the idea of burning the palace of Persepolis, and Alexander did it, so Thais has a ‘destruction of the palace’ element that finds an echo in Thais of Urth.”

Xenagie (p. 377) is missing a period at “246).”

Anonymous reports

xii (resevoir) => reservoir
62 (Caitanya) themeselves => themselves
110 (Domnina) mirrrors => mirrors
201 (khaibit) rejuvination => rejuvenation
202 (khaibit) orginial => original
226 (man-apes) seem seem => seem

CreateSpace spell checker

23 (arctother) deathsports => bloodsports
25 (arsinoither) deathsports => bloodsports
77 (Catherine) khabit => khaibit
99 (Cyriaca) occassion => occasion
101 (Daria) orginially => originally
107 (diatryma) deathsports => bloodsports
111 (Dorcas) commited => committed
125 (Eschatology and Genesis) laserburn => laser burn
133 (family trees) geneological => genealogical
150 (Gildas) degredation => degradation
156 (Guasacht) condotierre => condottiere
185 (Idas) onomasatics => onomastics
189 (Isid Iooo IoooE) occassionally => occasionally
316 (sergeant at the vincula) clavinger => claviger
330 (starost) heretiary => hereditary
336 (tallman riders) nighmarish => nightmarish
340 (technology levels) hastauri => hastarii
350 (torture chamber tools) grusome => gruesome
361 (Valeria) autarach => autarch
364 (vincula) clavinger => claviger
366 (Vodalus) harrassment => harassment
416 (ships) thalangii => thalamegus

Still More

223 (Magic in the Urth Cycle) [remove quote mark at end of quoted block]
272 [Capitalize A of There Are Doors]
384 (Yrierix) [change ‘second “r”‘ into ‘second R’]

The list of corrections can be found at the Sirius Fiction site,